Party Wall Notices

Advice on Party Wall Notices

The need for Party Wall Notices came about as a result of the extension of the original London Party Wall Act to the rest of the country. The more recent 1996 Party Wall etc Act now applies to the entire country.  If a property owner is altering their property and either proposing to cut into or use a party wall to support a structure or build adjacent or near to an existing property, then they are likely to be required by Law to serve Notice under the Party Wall Act.

This affects both residential and commercial owners considering extensions, extending their premises near to boundaries and new development close to adjoining properties.

We are able to offer advice to Clients on party wall notices Surrey, in the first instance as to whether they will need a “Party Wall Award” and if so, then draw up any necessary Party Wall Notices/ Awards to ensure that the interests of both the Building Owner and the Adjoining Owner are protected under the Party Wall etc Act 1996.

The Act may require Party Wall Surveyors to be appointed to act for both the Building Owner and the Adjoining Owner in relation to any construction matters on or near the boundary.

The process can be complicated and you need expertise such as ours to protect you against potential excessive and quite possibly unnecessary expense and liability.

Party Wall Notice Description

A partition erected on a property boundary, partly on the land of one owner and partly on the land of another, to provide common support to the structures on both sides of the boundary.

Each person owns as much of a party wall as is situated on his or her land. The wall is subject to cross-easements—reciprocal rights of use over the property of another—in favor of each owner for the support of his or her building or for the maintenance of the wall. A party wall can also be owned by adjoining tenants pursuant to a Tenancy in Common, or the wall can belong entirely to one of the adjoining owners, subject to an Easement or a right in the other owner to have it maintained as a dividing wall between the two tenements.