Dilapidations Consultancy Surrey

CTA Group offer a full consultancy service for dilapidations Guildford. Commercial Leases normally contain Clauses which highlight the repair and maintenance liabilities of both the Landlord and Tenant. This is a complex area of Building Surveying. We can prepare interim internal Schedules of Dilapidations on behalf of the Landlord and will negotiate on behalf of either the Landlord or the Tenant.

We can also provide initial advice to assist tenants in understanding their potential dilapidations liability and provide advice on strategy for either the Landlord or the Tenant with regard to up-coming Lease terminations, sale and lease back situations, lease assignments or lease renewals.

Each particular dilapidations Surrey situation will require unique advice, tailored to suit the type of Client and the Terms of the Lease.

We can undertake all necessary negotiations on behalf of either the Landlord or the Tenant and agree a financial settlement or, if required, agree scope of works and project manager’s implementation.

Even if, as a potential Tenant, you are taking an assignment of an existing Lease, it is vital that a firm such as ours are brought in to give dilapidation advice.